You’re doing whhhaatt??

What is our plan? 

Take a family adventure year – half of the time RVing across America and the rest traveling to ten different countries air bnb style.  A family with three elementary school aged children.  Travel, explore, hike, swim, camp in national parks, see government in action, experience history at Ellis Island, visit castles in France, learn Spanish in South America, become more adaptable and expand our minds.

What did people say when we told them we were taking a family adventure year? 

Either “That’s awesome!” or “You’re crazy!” Driving in an RV with three little kids across America then traveling to 10 different countries?  It seems all of these thoughts were right on – it was an awesome idea and a terrifying idea, and therefore so worth doing!

How did we come up with this plan? 

We love to travel, wanted to give our children a world education, and wanted to spend extra time with our kids while they were still little (and still thought we were awesome).  We went through many iterations on what we could do, and settled on an adventure year.  Just in case we would actually pull the trigger on this trip, we spent time minimizing our stuff in the preceding years, so the thought of packing it all away was not so daunting.  I didn’t really think we would actually do the trip, but it was fun to talk about possibilities. 

About 7 weeks before we left, we sat down and wrote a list of the pros and cons of taking this year and decided *not* to do it.  We looked at the same list two weeks later and the cons didn’t seem quite as bad.  Some things worked out surprisingly well, felt like signs that it was meant to be.  Others didn’t work out so well.  But, similar to having a baby, there is never a right time.  So five weeks beforehand, we decided to go!  We decided we needed to live our life now!


2 thoughts on “You’re doing whhhaatt??

  1. Congrats!

    We’re about to embark on a similar adventure with our boys (8 & 10). So far we’ve got 2 months in Ecuador, 2 months in Spain, a trip to the western US, and likely slowly making our way back up north over a couple of months. Hoping this will be the first of many similar years.

    Cheers to you and yours!


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