From Coast to Coast – Our Trek Across the Country

From Washington State, we drove from the Pacific to the Atlantic, with a detour through Canada. Starting at Olympic National Park in Washington State, we hit Bruce Peninsula National Park in Ontario and ended in Acadia National Park in Maine… all such pearls of national parks. And wow, the United States is huge.

The first stop along the drive was South Dakota to spend time with family. We camped at Wylie Park in Aberdeen, which is a surprisingly cool place to stop, with Storybook Land, rides, bumper boats, and a lake of swans. We then drove up to Canada, exploring Bruce Peninsula National Park – full of crystal clear turquoise lake water and fun hikes. Next stop was Niagara Falls. The kids declared the falls “awesome”. We ended this leg of the trip in Maine and Acadia National Park. It was fun to go to a National Park in the Northeast. We hiked up Cadillac Mountain, rode bikes around a lake, explored the coastline, and watched the sun set over the water at the campsite. We were re-introduced to rain (what is this stuff???) that we somehow missed in Washington State. And we enjoyed Maine lobster (by we, I don’t mean the kids of course).

We look forward to our trek down the East Coast next!


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