From the Mountains to the Ocean: Malibu, Malibu, Malibu

From Steamboat Springs, we headed towards California with a brief stop at Zion National Park. The first of many National Parks on our itinerary, this is an amazing stop in the desert. While the days have huge lines for the buses into the park, we went after five, and were able to find a parking spot, and hike without crowds. The kids generally find a way to swim, and they had fun splashing in a shallow, calm area of the river. Zion NP is always a special place for us and this time was no different.

After a few days of driving we arrived in Malibu for several weeks. Staying at the Malibu Beach RV Park, we have views of the ocean from all windows. We can hear waves crashing all night long. The setting is gorgeous, but there is less safe space for the kids to play around the campsite. Luckily there is beach, beach, beach. Leo Carrillo State Park beach is a favorite for our family with (slightly) more reasonable waves and tidepools with little critters everywhere.

We explored archeological history at the Tar Pits museum in nearby Los Angeles. So interesting to see the bubbling tar and fossils. We just had to fight modern day traffic to get there. Another favorite for us was the Santa Monica farmers market. My kids asked, “Why does the fruit taste so good?”. Fresh good fruit is a huge plus for southern California.

Speaking of food, we ate at Malibu Seafood right below our hilly campsite (kind of a cliff). Picnic table style – order at the counter – dining, great tasting fresh seafood from the ocean. Fun for my mountain family! Next up Yosemite and Redwoods NP.


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