Madrid for a Day

The red eye from Cusco, Peru to Madrid, Spain took 17 hours, and we spent two nights in Madrid for the kids to recover before moving onto our destination - Sevilla. That gave us one day to explore Madrid! With only limited time to explore Spain's capital, we tried to make the best of it. … Continue reading Madrid for a Day


Minimalism – Or How We Lived in 270 Square Feet with Five People for Six Months

Perhaps living in the camper is easy because we spend so little time there. The US camper part of our trip is quickly coming to a close (although we have one camper month at the end of the Adventure Year, more about that later). Before we left, we paired down the stuff we were bringing … Continue reading Minimalism – Or How We Lived in 270 Square Feet with Five People for Six Months

World Schooling – On the Road

It's fun to keep track of our world schooling activities. I keep a simple list from our trip of activities that are educational in some way or another for the kids. I was scrolling and scrolling to the bottom the other day and realized it's getting pretty long. And since I haven't posted in a … Continue reading World Schooling – On the Road

Headed North – California and Beyond!

Goodbye Malibu! After spending several weeks in Malibu, we headed north, still in California – what a big state!  We stopped at Yosemite for a day, staying just outside and driving in at dawn, watching the sun rise through the amazing-ness of Yosemite.  The girls proclaimed this the best park ever!  (Later they debated their … Continue reading Headed North – California and Beyond!

Malibu Edition – Family Favorites

Sandy beaches, golden hills, great weather. "21 Miles of Scenic Beauty" as the signs say. And there are a ton of fun activities. Malibu’s a fabulous vacation town during the summer.  We just ended a three week stay in Malibu as the first major stop of our year long trip.  Having visited family in the … Continue reading Malibu Edition – Family Favorites

How to Travel to Buy an RV (or The Spring Break Trip from Hell)

One week. Twenty three hundred miles in the truck with three kids. And a new RV. That was the plan, and we pulled it off. But not without our share of misfortune and adventure. This is the story for those looking to travel to buy an RV with a few helpful lessons included....... Last winter … Continue reading How to Travel to Buy an RV (or The Spring Break Trip from Hell)

From the Mountains to the Ocean: Malibu, Malibu, Malibu

From Steamboat Springs, we headed towards California with a brief stop at Zion National Park. The first of many National Parks on our itinerary, this is an amazing stop in the desert. While the days have huge lines for the buses into the park, we went after five, and were able to find a parking … Continue reading From the Mountains to the Ocean: Malibu, Malibu, Malibu

First Stop: Steamboat Springs!

Hot springs are one of the best things about Colorado and one of our favorite destinations. The hot springs plus the awe-inspiring mountains can't be beat. The first stop on our year-long adventure brought us to the Steamboat Springs area in northern Colorado to decompress from the stress of pre-travel preparation. Steamboat Springs is a … Continue reading First Stop: Steamboat Springs!